Wednesday, 1 July 2015

ISO Certification System & Standards

1. What is ISO?

ISO (Global Association for Institutionalization) is an overall organization of national
models bodies from every nation. The object of ISO Consultants  is to advance the improvement of
institutionalization and related exercises on the planet with a perspective to encouraging worldwide
trade of merchandise and administrations, and to creating participation in the circles of scholarly,
exploratory, innovative and monetary action. The aftereffects of ISO specialized work are
distributed as Worldwide Gauges.

2. What is ISO 14000?
ISO 14000 is the general term utilized for ISO 14000 group of principles distributed by
Worldwide Association for Institutionalization (ISO). The ISO 14000 family addresses
different parts of natural administration. It gives a system to the advancement
natural administration framework.

3. What is the part of BIS in ISO 14000?
BIS is the National Guidelines Assortment of India and is an originator individual from ISO. BIS
speaks to India, in ISO Cnsultants. The Specialized Board (TC) number 207 (ISO/TC 207), and its
Sub-boards of ISO are in charge of the advancement of ISO 14000 measures.
Industry specialists from India including BIS officers assigned by BIS partake in the
gatherings of the Specialized Board ISO/TC 207 and its Sub-advisory groups.

4. What IS/ISO 14001?
ISO 14001 €Environmental Administration Frameworks - Particulars with Direction for utilization' is
a standard and received by BIS as Seems to be/ISO 14001. IS/ISO 14001 is the careful copy of ISO
14001. It is a necessities standard. It contains an arrangement of prerequisites to characterize the operation of the Natural Administration Framework. Since the prerequisites are communicated in a general structure, it has the adaptability to be connected to any association.
It helps an association to meet its Ecological commitments dependably and reliably.
IS/ISO 14001 is the main accreditation standard in the IS/ISO 14000 crew.

5. What is the distinction between ISO 14000 models and IS/ISO 14000
There is no distinction. They are precisely the same. BIS had received the aforementioned ISO
14000 arrangement of models and these are numbered as May be/ISO 14000, IS/ISO 14001, IS/ISO
14004.These measures distributed by BIS are careful copy of ISO 14000 arrangement of guidelines.
BIS likewise gives certificate against IS/ISO 14001 under its Administration Frameworks
Accreditation movement.

6. Which IS/ISO 14000 standard is implied for accreditation?
Any association can seek certificate against IS/ISO 14001. Alternate measures i.e.
IS/ISO 14004 is direction standard and is not implied for accreditation.

7. Let me know all the more about IS/ISO 14004.
IS/ISO 14004 gives direction on the foundation, usage, support and
change of an ecological administration framework and its coordination with other
administration frameworks. The rules in IS/ISO 14004 are material to any association,
despite its size, sort, area or level of development. While the rules in ISO 14004
are predictable with the IS/ISO 14001 natural administration framework model, they are definitely not
expected to give elucidations of the necessities of ISO 14001. This standard is most certainly not
amiable to confirmation.

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