Dot-International Registration

Iso Certification Services

All companies which are seeking to set-up call centers on a non-exclusive basis must have to register with the DOT under the category of Other Service Provider (“OSP”) as defined in the National Telecom Policy-1999.

The DOT permission is granted under these guidelines is valid for up to twenty years from the date of issue of these guidelines, like- May 2002.

Call centers require prior approval of the prevailing regulators in order to change their ownership pattern.

Guidelines for International Call Centers:-

1. 100% FDI is permitted in Indian call centers, a foreign company can invest upto 100% in the equity of an Indian call center.

International call centers of the similar group of companies are permitted to cross map the seats for use during a disaster. During normal days, the international call center must use all the seats. However, in the event of a disaster, cross-mapped seats must vacated for use of the other international call-center. The international call center must have to inform DOT of the use of cross-mapped seats by the other international call center.

For foreign end connectivity an International Call-Centre may use ATM / MPLS / Frame Relay based Managed International Networks in addition to the existing connectivity through point to point IPLC. Accordingly, para 1.2 of Part (1) of the terms and condition of the Registration for International Call centre now reads:-

“1.2 The International Call Centre set up by the Other Service Provider (OSP) will be connected to foreign end Point of Presence (POP) by International Private Leased Circuits (IPLCs) and / or using technologies like ATMs / Frame Relay / MPLS in Managed International Networks provided by Authorized Service Providers.”