Dot-Domestic Registration

Iso Certification Fees

As per para 3.7 of New Telecom Policy (NTP) 1999 for providing application like telemedicine, tele-banking, tele-trading, call centers, e-commerce etc., Other Service Providers (OSPs) are allowed to operate by using Telecom Resources provided by various authorized Access Service Providers only and they are required to be registered with the Department of Telecommunications.

For Domestic Call Center :

a) Demand Draft of Rs 1000/- drawn in the name of “Pay & Accounts Officer (HQ),DoT”, toward the processing fees.

b) Address of all the locations connected with leased lines or where incoming only PSTN lines are terminating.

c) Bandwidth of the leased lines.

d) Number of seats in the Call center.

e) Memorandum of Article of Association of Company

f) Schematic diagram of Call center layout with equipment details

g) Name of the clients (in case the company has not tied up with any client this can be given before start of the service)